1. Full Body Wash

The first step of detailing is cleaning the vehicle. This makes sure that all of the dirt, debris, road grime, and other stuff is removed from the vehicle. Most car owners use microfiber towels, a wash mitt, and car wash soap products that reduce scratching in this process.



2. Wind Screen

Keeping your car windscreen clean is essential from a safety point of view. Dirt, streaks and smears can hinder the driver’s vision so be sure to make it a priority. Plus, clean, sparkling windows will make your car look great. There are a few simple steps to follow to ensure the result is effective.



3. Engine Wash

There’s no denying that the engine is doing most of the hard work, keeping your vehicle running smoothly with literally thousands of moving parts. And because so many of these parts come into contact with oil, leaking fluids, accumulations of grit, and even debris and chemicals kicked up from the road, they’re understandably dirty. This is especially true if you have any kind of leak in the engine. 



4. Rim & Type

Your wheels are undoubtedly going to be the dirtiest part of the car, having been constantly collecting road grime and brake dust. You don’t want to have to rewash your car later after the thousand tiny little razors of brake dust fly onto your paint whilst scrubbing your rims.




5. Interior

Dashboards are prone to collecting dust, debris and fingerprints, and can start to look faded or dirty quite quickly. Whether your dash is scuffed or is just plain mucky, we have a number of products which will make it easy to keep it clean, including Foam Action Dashboard Cleaner, Matt Dashboard Wipes, Dash Restorer Pads and specialist Matt and Gloss Dashboard Treatments.



6. Vacuum

Once the exterior car detailing has been completed, most car owners will move to clean the interior. Most of the time, the interior cleaning involves vacuuming, removing the trash, and removing contaminants from the leather, vinyl, or plastic parts and pieces.



7. Dry Up

If you’ve ever run your car through an automatic car wash or drive-up wash stand, you’ll always find people who are taking the time to dry their vehicles by hand. And for good reason. This step, which might seem like a waste of time, is actually one of the most important ones in the car washing process.